Tuesday, 13 January 2015

And now for some knitting

I can't believe it's the second week of Jan already. It was been a great first week back at work and I even managed to squeeze in a trip to the cinema (a sad and much missed rareity in our parenting of small people lives) and a bit of exercise too. I've been very excited about putting together some blogs, and I think it really did help me with a bit of work writer's block, as I was definitely more productive towards the end of the week. 

Whilst I am really enjoying sewing, I always find myself going back to knitting. I feel much more comfortable, and there seems to be less room for error (for me at least). If I'm being honest, it's also very nice to snuggle up in front of the TV with my needles, and with the news over the past week being so utterly full of gloom, a bit of comfort definitely goes a long way.

Having completed a rush of Christmas and birthday presents for small people, I have decided to start the year with a bit of selfish knitting, and am making a Hetty cardigan for me. This is my first Untangling Knots project, having seen many of them on show online. I am also attempting to get better at plugging the gaps in my wardrobe, rather than just buying something because it looks pretty, and a warm, but fitted cardi seemed to fit exactly (plus I can wear it over all the pretty things, see?).

I'm using my annual John Lewis yarn sale splurge - this year they were selling off a whole mountain of Debbie Bliss Blue Faced Leicestershire Aran in a delicious grey. As always I could have bought a whole heap of colours, but I thought this would go really well with a couple of skirts I have. 


So far I am almost done with the body - it's so quick to knit up, but like others, I have found myself doing a fair bit of unravelling. Lladybird's post on marking up lace repeats has definitely helped, but I'm not entirely convinced that the two stockinette 'seams' are particularly even. I am also a wee bit concerned that the fronts are looking teeny over my chest, but I live in hope that blocking will work its wonders. I shall report back.

I've also finished off the littest's Xmas Owlet jumper. I have loved this pattern from afar for years (how cool are those owls!!) and still hope that I am in time to make a matching grown up one before the girls get too cool for school and won't let me out in public with it on. Time is definitely ticking!

Anyway, the jumper was finished way before Christmas, but I tried to get it on for a photo, and found that the neck was way too weeny for a toddler's massive heid. Humph. I found some great stretchy bind off techniques, which were easy to follow. So it now fits, but I actually not that keen on the neck. To be honest, I'm not going to get too bogged down with it, as she seems to manage to tolerate it for about 30 seconds, before shouting 'OFF' 'OFF'.

Ahhh so much for selfless knitting - I'll stick to things for me!

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